Have you been in a car accident and need the assistance of an attorney in Denver?

Car accidents are an unavoidable result of our dependency on cars. Despite the fact that we believe that we are in control, the negligence of others introduces the reality that certain things cannot be controlled. The existence of insurance serves to compensate us for injuries and damages caused by the negligence of others. As an attorney in Denver, my job is to ensure that my clients’ injuries are evaluated, and that appropriate treatment for those injuries is provided. Colorado motor vehicle insurance law is complex. I assist my clients in sorting through the insurance coverage available to them. Even in those instances where there isn’t insurance coverage for payment of medical bills, I help clients obtain treatment by working with providers to wait until the conclusion of the claim for payment.

Communication is critical in achieving a good result after a motor vehicle accident. I encourage my clients to call me anytime if they have questions or concerns. A copy of every document received or sent by me is automatically provided to my client. I believe that a fully informed client actually heals from his or her injuries quicker without the added stress of wondering what the attorney is doing. Likewise, I communicate regularly with the liability insurer. By keeping the insurance company regularly informed of my client’s treatment progress, I enhance the value of the claim. The insurance company is not surprised by the severity of the injuries at the end of the case and sets aside an adequate settlement amount to adequately compensate my client.

If you or some one you know has been in a car accident and is in need of an attorney in Denver, please contact me.